Under The Bridge

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Introduction to "Under The Bridge"

Beneath the bustling streets of the Manhattan Bridge, a unique slice of history thrives, often unnoticed. This open market offers the cheapest goods in the city, ranging from fresh produce, seafood, and pantry staples to clothing and household supplies. It also marks the separation line between the west side of Chinatown, predominantly Cantonese, and the east side, where the Fujianese community is more prominent.

"Under The Bridge" is a collection of photo portraits and in-depth video interviews with the street vendors of Forsyth Street, located under the Manhattan Bridge. This project aims to archive the history of the area, capturing individual stories that reflect the spirit of a specific Chinatown community often overlooked by the broader public.

Initiated by Tang Tian, a NYC-based filmmaker originally from China, the project uses documentary film techniques to intimately explore immigration experiences beyond her own life. Supported by the Asian American Arts Alliance as one of the awardees of the WCWD? program, "Under The Bridge" preserves the vibrant yet often hidden narratives of this unique market community.

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